by The Stink

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released December 1, 2012

Produced by Dan Kramer and The Stink
Recorded at King Killer Studios



all rights reserved


The Stink New York, New York

In 2010, Dan Kramer and Dave Bunting (formerly of Guyz Nite) formed The Stink with drummer Tim Gramling (formerly of Federal Bison) with the goal of bringing throbbing high voltage rock.

Since October of 2011, The Stink has released 1 full-length album (Royal Sampler) and 3 EPs (American Glory, Beasts, and Trouble).
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Track Name: Trouble
The shit I pulled in my younger days
set a path to where I am today
Luck or fate I can't really say
But it's trouble

I've been in fights I could never win
But always found a way to keep my skin
I always end up on my feet again
But it's trouble

Now it's time that I be movin' on
I got some debts; good will is gone
I'm not sayin' that it isn't wrong
But I'm in trouble

I can tell there's a changin' tide
But I can think about it on the ride
No time to take it all in stride
Cuz I'm in trouble

Yeah, you can hide
But she'll be there by your side...

Trouble will find you where you lay
And there ain't no use in tryin' to run away
Trouble will find you where you stay
And there ain't no hope and there ain't no point in
tryin' to run away

Fightin’, cheatin’; here I am again
broke and beaten and I got no friends
I try to pull the same old shit and then
I’m in trouble

I tried to run, but I couldn’t hide
I tried to think a part of me had died
But that was just my stupid fuckin’ pride
And it's trouble

Track Name: That Time of Year
Winter's coming soon
and Ricky got fired in June
He's been partying late
and starting his day at noon
but his tune
is changing everyday
while his friends keep moving away
tries to stay in touch, but he ain't got much to say

Meanwhile times are tough,
and Jane's had almost enough
He's been weighing her down,
but she's staying around for love
but it's rough
she can hardly take the stress
it'll pass but it feels like a test
it's too much to stand
but she loves her man the best
so she says:

Summer is gone
and Winter will be calling
it's that time of year
the end's in sight
And it won't be too long
'til all the leaves are falling
it's that time of year
time to set things right

And now the future is unknown,
and Janey's got dreams of her own
now it's late in the Fall
she could wait or be all alone
and she's prone
to stick to what she know
and Rick is still taking it slow
so she's making plans
gonna take a chance and grow
but she know...
Oh, she know...

She has the vision
but this last decision
is weighing heavy on her mind
And despite their past together
nothing lasts forever
it's time to leave the past behind
leave it behind...
Track Name: Boffin' in the Lab
Yeah, she's a scientist
she's busy writing history, you see
She loves the sciences
but it's all a giant mystery to me

She showed me how she coulda made an isotope
and maybe now she'll put away the microscope
If i'm the one to earn her trust, I'll do it right
We'll keep that bunson burner burning through the night
and we'll be...

Boffin' in the lab
On the bench
boffin' in the lab

A new discovery
she's got enough degrees to say, okay
Oh boy, oh lucky me
I'm her discovery today...

She checked the specimen all night, and said it's huge
She's got its essence up inside her centrifuge
Despite the way she catches signs I often miss
If all the data matches my hypothesis
then we'll keep...

Boffin' in the lab
On the bench
Boffin' in the lab
Let's experiment!
Track Name: Great (Don't Fade Away)
When he was young, he was fire;
a silver tongue and some gold hands.
But, now he's drunk, sick and tired...
unsung, another old man

He used to summon the thunder
And bring Hell with a grand flame
But then the drink took him under
it’s such a fuckin’ shame!

Fame's so day-to-day
Ain't no way to say
But great don't fade away
No, great don't fade away

Enough's enough, now he's ready
it's been a while but he's strong now
the bottle's gone, hands are steady
And nothing can go wrong now

It's time to bring back the thunder
Time to bust out the gold hands
Time to pillage and plunder
Time to fuckin' dance!

Glory wanes
and dries up
All these pains
won’t last forever
Break these chains
and rise up
Take these reins
and ride again
Track Name: Lions of Fire
This king, he thought he'd live forever
just like any king before
except maybe even more
Some say it started with the weather
plus he had a thing for war
and all his enemies were poor
But this king, well, he liked to swing;
he would drink and live it up
And though the people played his game
they came to hate his name
But in a daze, he was blind to his ways,
and he just couldn't give it up, no
But in the end, his greatest shame
was when he had to take the blame

And though his power spanned
and he was known throughout the land
But when those with crowns and thrones get out of hand

The proudest tyrant
empowered by his violent desire
will now be silent
devoured by the lions of fire

The thing with kings, they all want to live forever
and if no one's there to cut them down
they ain't giving up the crown
But sometimes the people band together
trying to disrupt the crown
he's always there to shut them down

But when a king has crossed the line
and it seems that he's lost his mind
then with wings and claws they bring the laws of time

The proudest tyrant
empowered by his violent desire
will now be silenced
devoured by the lions of fire
and he ain't gonna get away
the crowd grows violent
the coward's hiding high in his spire
in proud defiance
devoured by the lions of fire

And all their sashes turn to ashes
their power lust into dust
In spite of all their worldly clashes,
each dictator and fascist
must contend with us

We spar with giants
we are the lions of fire
We char your tyrants
we are the lions of fire
and you ain't gonna get away
the sounds of violence
abound in your declining empire
renounce your tyrants
and bow before the lions of fire